Espace mobile

January 30, 2008 at 2:46 am (Modularity, Prefabrication) (, , )

Espace mobile

This is a prefabricate mobile home that is located on the countryside of Austrian. It is designed by Design Spotters. It is made out of wood and steel. The structure is designed for energy conservation and heat retention. The Espace Mobile home is 4 meters wide and it ranges from 7 to 15 meters long.


Espace mobile3

Espace mobile 2


Espace Mobile

Prefab friday


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Shinjuku Project (City in the Air)

January 29, 2008 at 6:05 pm (Metabolism, Modularity) (, , , , )

City in the Air

The Shinjuku Project located in Shinjuku, Tokyo was undertaken in 1960 by Arata Isozaki an metabolist architect. The Shinjuku Project is better known as the City in the Air because it’s joint core system. This project was design as a counterproposal for was dominate the skyline in Tokyo today. Their purpose for the design was to divide the district into rectangular sections and erect sheer vertical structures on them (joint core system). What the clients saw the proposal as was that Tokyo need a new metropolitan look that only could be accomplished by putting the city in the air.




preface by Richard Koshalek: essays by David B. Stewart, Arata Isozaki Architecture 1960-1990, [Rizzoli International Publication, Inc, 1991]


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