Espace mobile

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Espace mobile

This is a prefabricate mobile home that is located on the countryside of Austrian. It is designed by Design Spotters. It is made out of wood and steel. The structure is designed for energy conservation and heat retention. The Espace Mobile home is 4 meters wide and it ranges from 7 to 15 meters long.


Espace mobile3

Espace mobile 2


Espace Mobile

Prefab friday


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Gehling House

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The Gehling House was designed by INDEX Architects BDA. It is located in L├╝dinghausen, Germany. They invisioned a structure that is temporary that is make up of prefabricated kit of parts that can be dismantled and re-assemble elsewhere. The prefabricated parts are made up of lamellae. Lamellae is a type of material that energy is obtained than is released. Energy management can be controlled by sliding a set of shadow-casting , view-defining lamellae along track that run horizontal in the house. The house is elevated because of the dangers of flooding. Also buy having the house elevated it gives the residents a better view of the tree that are located in the courtyard. The courtyard acts as a stage for selected scenes as the seasons change.


INDEX Architects BDA

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