Gehling House

January 30, 2008 at 2:06 am (interactivity, Prefabrication) (, , , )




The Gehling House was designed by INDEX Architects BDA. It is located in Lüdinghausen, Germany. They invisioned a structure that is temporary that is make up of prefabricated kit of parts that can be dismantled and re-assemble elsewhere. The prefabricated parts are made up of lamellae. Lamellae is a type of material that energy is obtained than is released. Energy management can be controlled by sliding a set of shadow-casting , view-defining lamellae along track that run horizontal in the house. The house is elevated because of the dangers of flooding. Also buy having the house elevated it gives the residents a better view of the tree that are located in the courtyard. The courtyard acts as a stage for selected scenes as the seasons change.


INDEX Architects BDA

Wikipedia Encyclopedia– Lamellae


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